BUET Admission Result 2020-2021 (With Full Details)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology – BUET admission result 2020-2021. Through this post you will get BUET primary selection result, pre-admission test result and, final admission test result 2021-2021. So let’s know more details.


BUET Admission Result 2020-2021


The candidate selection process for admission in BUET will be in 03 steps. These steps are the preliminary selection process, pre-admission test and, final admission test.

Through the preliminary selection process, 24,000 students will be selected who take part in the pre-admission test.

Out of 24,000 students, 6,000 students will be selected for the final admission test through pre-admission test.

And out of these 6,000 students, 1,215 students will be admitted to BUET. These 1,215 students will be selected through the final admission test.

The results of these 03 steps of admission in BUET can be found in this post.


Important information at a glance
  • Eligible Candidate List:  11 May 2021
  • Pre-Admission Test: Postponed
  • Pre-Admission Test Result: Will be informed.
  • Final Admission Test: Postponed
  • Final Admission Test Result: Will be informed.
  • Official Website: www.buet.ac.bd

BUET Primary Selection Result 2020-2021

BUET primary selection result 2020-2021 or BUET eligible candidate list 2020-2021 has been published on 11 May 2021. A total of 24,000 students have been selected for the pre-admission test. These 24,000 students will be able to take part in the pre-admission test. Let’s look at the BUET eligible candidate list.

Shift Result Link
Preliminary Test Shift 01 Link
Preliminary Test Shift 02 Link
Preliminary Test Shift 03 Link
Preliminary Test Shift 04 Link

BUET Pre-Admission Test Result 2020-2021

The pre-admission exam was supposed to be held on 31 May and 01 June 2021 but the date has been changed. According to the changed date, BUET pre-admission exam 2021 will be held on —.

The pre-admission test will be of 100 marks. The test will be taken in MCQ method. The test will be held in 04 shifts due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

6,000 students will be selected from the students who will pass the pre-admission test. These 6,000 students will be able to take part in the BUET final admission test 2021.

The results of this pre-admission test will be published at www.buet.ac.bd. And at the same time, it will be published on our website www.notice24x7.com/en. You can get BUET pre-admission test results from our website. When the BUET pre-admission test result 2020-2021 is published, the result link will be attached in the table below.

Shift Result Link
Pre-Admission Test Shift 01 Link
Pre-Admission Test Shift 02 Link
Pre-Admission Test Shift 03 Link
Pre-Admission Test Shift 04 Link

BUET Final Admission Test Result 2021-2021

BUET’s final admission test will be held on — according to the changed date. 6,000 students will take part in the final admission test. The final admission exam will also be held in 04 shifts. 1,500 students can participate in each shift. Out of these 6,000 students, a total of 1,215 students will be selected for admission.

You will get BUET final admission test result 2021-2021 through this post. This post will be updated when the results of the final admission test are published and the results link will be added.

Shift Result Link
Final Admission Test Shift 01 Link
Final Admission Test Shift 02 Link
Final Admission Test Shift 03 Link
Final Admission Test Shift 04 Link

Next Step

If you pass the BUET final admission test, you can be admitted to BUET. You will be able to know in time what documents are required to be admitted to BUET. Admission-related notice will be published on the official website of BUET. You can see the BUET admission notice to know general information about BUET admission from here.

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